This program turns your webcam into a scanner camera, similar to the ones used to record photo finishes, but much, much, much slower. With it, you can create images like the ones on this page with ease and with no digital manipulation! It works by taking one pixel line at a time and arranging those slices in a line to produce the image. Thus one dimension of the image is spacial, and the other is temporal.


Webcam Scanner Camera is freely available - and now have been tested on - for Windows XP/Vista/Win 7, Mac OS X and Linux.

All downloads include binaries and Processing source code (which is 100% Java), so you can compile and run it yourself. Windows version uses JMyron for video input, Linux version uses GSVideo/GStreamer, Mac OS X version uses Processing Video components.


This will get you pictures like the one in the header and footer sections if you move past the camera. You can also take panoramic pictures by rotating your camera (or laptop):


Edit the settings.xml file in the program directory to add more webcam resolutions or to change the photo length (in horizontal scan) or height (in vertical scan). Note that due to the jello effect, the horizontal scan mode might exhibit additional weirdness.