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Frank Sottile
Department of Mathematics
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3368  
Office: Blocker 601K
Math Office: 979.845.7554
Email: sottile@math.tamu.edu

Schedule: Travel   Weekly

Seminars: Geometry Mondays 3:00–3:50 Blocker 220
Algebra and Combinatorics Fridays 3:00–3:50 Blocker 624
Geometry Fridays 4:00–5:00/5:30  Blocker 628

For Potential Students: I am always looking for students interested in working with me. Feel free to come and talk with me, look at the resources on these pages, including this information page.
Research Interests: Algebraic combinatorics, real and computational algebraic geometry, applications of algebraic geometry, Hopf Algebras, Discrete and Computational Geometry, tropical geometry.
Letters of Recommendation I am willing to write letters for deserving candidates, but please read this before asking me for a letter.
Pi day activities at Texas A&M. Co-organized with Kaitlyn Phillipson. College of Science press release   You Tube Video
Visitor Spring 2015: Dr. H. Praise Adeyemo of the University of Ibadan in Nigeria visited me the Winter 2015 semester as an IMU's Abel Visiting Schola. See the announcement. His area of research is the study of the cohomology of flag manifolds and algebraic groups. We have completed two research papers.
Cohomological consequences of the pattern map, 10 pages, 2014. arXiv.org/14084085. Illinois Journal of Mathematics, to appear.
Equivariant cohomology theories and the pattern map, 15 pages, 2015. arXiv.org/1506.04411.
Article about Adeyemo's visit.

Eschew Elsevier!   Two new(er) lows: Elsevier is now suing authors, and Elsevier sues ETH Zürich for distributing articles.
Join the Elsevier Boycott.
Older reasons to avoid Elsevier. Elsevier has published fake Journals, more, and others that engage in unacceptable editorial practices. More details.
See also Tim Gowers' blog and here is a link with more information.
I am in the middle of a four-year appointment (5/14–4/18) as a visiting adjunct professor in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo. This means that I will visit Waterloo for a week or two each of the next few years, but remain a full-time faculty member at Texas A&M. Read the announcement.
SIAM J. Dscrete Math Canadian Journal of Mathematics Canadian Mathematical Bulletin American Mathematical Monthly
  I am an Associate Editor for the SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, the Canadian Journal of Mathematics, the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, and the American Mathematical Monthly.

I am a former member of the American Institute of Mathematics open textbooks initiative editorial boad, and a suporter of their work.
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