Twin Towers of Hanoi

Choice of a level

Only two levels of difficulty are implemented so far: Height 2 | Height 3

A mild challenge

Once things start looking too easy try this version for a change. It is more difficult than it looks.


There are two coupled sets (top and bottom set) of pegs with three pegs in each set and equal number of disks in both sets (the height of the towers). The game may be played with any number of disks (of course, it gets more difficult with more disks).

The disks in each set differ in size and no disk can be placed on top of a smaller disk on any of the pegs. Here is an example of a configuration in the game

2-3 1-3 1-2


At any moment, there are three possible moves that may be used to change the current configuration.

Object of the game

There are two version of the game. In the first the object is to reach the configuration on the right from the configuration on the left (a solution in 11 moves exist at height 3)

Start Finish

In the second version the initial configuration is chosen randomly, while the final configuration is the same as in the first.

The choice between fixed and random initial configuration is made/reset by clicking on the appropriate link at any moment during the game.

© Zoran Šunić