Junior Algebra & Geometry Seminar

- Spring 2017 -

TIME: 4:00-5:00.

ROOM: 628.

ORGANIZERS: Timo de Wolff and Taylor Brysiewicz.
Email: dewolff(at)math.tamu.edu, tbrysiewicz(at)math.tamu.edu

CONTENT: The talks in this seminar will be given by a (different) faculty member or senior graduate student every week. Each will focus on a "general topic" in algebra or geometry and will be:

GOAL: The goal of this seminar is to:
Jan 25: Short organizational meeting.
Jan 31: Anne Shiu: "What should I know about discrete geometry?"
Feb 07: Timo de Wolff: "Introduction to Tropical Geometry"
Feb 14: Zheng Zhang: "What are ADE Singularities?"
Feb 21: Kevin Kordek: "What is a Sheaf?"
Mar 7: Kevin Kordek: "What is a Scheme?"
Mar 21: Xiaoxian Tang: "Introduction to Real Root Classification"
Mar 28: Link to Foias Lecture(No JAG due to Foias Lecture)
Apr 04: Jens Forsgård: "A-Discriminants"