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TAMU Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter has won an Adair Organization of the Year Award for student organizations. Leaders of the student chapter are Priyanga Ganesan, Hannah Solomon, Lauren Snider, Zhaobidan Feng, Elise Walker, and faculty advisor Laura Matusevich. 
The National Math Festival takes place April 16-18, 2021. 
Jean-Luc Guermond has been named a SIAM Fellow, Class of 2021.
Sharon Esparza has been selected as a recipient of a 2021 President's Meritorious Service Award.
Priyanga Ganesan has been selected as a recipient of the 2021 Buck Weirus Spirit Award by the Aggie Network.

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Groups and Dynamics Seminar
Cosmas Kravaris (TAMU) . online  May 12 12:00pm
Groups and Dynamics Seminar
Mikhail Lyubich (SUNY Stony Brook) . online  May 26 12:00pm