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Distinguished Professor Guoliang Yu has been awarded a Gauss Professorship by the Goettingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
Spectral Theory and Applications Conference, October 12-15, 2023. The conference celebrates Distinguished Professor Peter Kuchment and his contributions to the field of spectral theory.  
Wencai Liu, with Svetlana Jitomirskaya, has just received the Frontiers of Science Award at the inaugural International Congress of Basic Science.
Department Outstanding Teaching Awards went to Irina Bobkova and Constantin Onica. Department Outstanding Service Awards went to David Manuel and Philip Yasskin. 

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Working Seminar on Banach and Metric Spaces
Cosmas Kravaris (Princeton University) On average distortion of embedding metrics into the line (after Rabinovich)
B302  Dec 07 10:00am
Free Probability and Operators
Antonio Ismael Cano-Marmol (Baylor University) Xp inequalities on free groups
B306  Dec 08 4:00pm
Number Theory Seminar
Phralad Sharma (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics) TBA
B302  Dec 12 11:10am
Colloquium TBA, B117 Feb 02 4:00pm
Frontiers Greg Peter, B117 Feb 07 4:00pm