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Texas A&M University

Numerical Analysis Seminar

Date: January 22, 2020

Time: 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Location: BLOC 628

Speaker: Douglas Arnold, University of Minnesota


Title: Complexes from complexes

Abstract: The finite element exterior calculus has highlighted the importance of Hilbert complexes to partial differential equations and their numerical solution. The most canonical and most extensively studied example is the de Rham complex, which is what is required for application to Darcy flow, Maxwell's equations, the Hodge Laplacian, and numerous problems. But there are many other important differential complexes as well, with applications to elasticity, plates, incompressible flow, general relativity, and other areas. These complexes are less well known and in many cases their properties not established. In this talk I will discuss a systematic procedure for deriving such complexes and deriving their crucial properties.