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Texas A&M University

Events for 09/16/2019 from all calendars

Working Seminar on Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

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Time: 12:30PM - 1:45PM

Location: BLOC 624

Speaker: Kari Eifler, TAMU

Title: The set of quantum correlations is not closed

Abstract: We'll start working through the preliminaries of group theory, approximate representations and hyperlinearity, linear system games, solution groups etc.

Andrew Comech Promotion Talk

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Time: 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Location: BLOC 220

Speaker: Andrew Comech Promotion Talk, Texas A&M University


TITLE: Virtual levels

ABSTRACT: Virtual levels admit several equivalent definitions: (1) These are the points of the essential spectrum corresponding to either eigenvectors or to "virtual states", which are functions from a "slightly larger" space; (2) In the vicinity of these points, there is no "limiting absorption principle": the resolvent can not be uniformly bounded in certain weighted spaces; (3) There is a bifurcation of eigenvalues from these points under a perturbation which could be arbitrarily small. As an illustration of our approach, we give an application to the Schrodinger operator in any dimension and with nonselfadjoint potentials, supplementing the approaches by Jensen--Kato (1979), Jensen--Nenciu (2000), and Yafaev (2010).