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Events for 06/11/2020 from all calendars

Working seminar in High Dimensional Probability

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Time: 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Location: zoom

Speaker: Alperen Ali Ergur, CMU

Title: Counting Zeros of Random Sparse Polynomials

Abstract: We begin with a brief survey of decades long efforts to find a multivariate generalization of Descartes' rule of signs, and then present our probabilistic contribution to the quest. Our goal is to be boring for algebraic geometry experts (sorry!) and to be accessible to a wider audience: anyone with a taste for combinatorics and probability is welcome to enjoy a humble contribution and many open problems. This is joint work with Peter Burgisser and Josue Tonelli-Cueto, the published paper is titled "On the number of real zeros of random fewnomials".