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Texas A&M University

Groups and Dynamics Seminar

Date: February 12, 2020

Time: 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Location: BLOC 220

Speaker: Florent Baudier, Texas A&M


Title: On the metric geometry of the planar lamplighter group

Abstract: In 2011, Naor and Peres showed that the L1-compression of the lamplighter group over a group of polynomial growth is 1. In particular, Naor-Peres embedding resul applies to the planar lamplighter group, and they raised the question whether the planar lamplighter group admits a bi-Lipschitz embedding into L1. I will briefly discuss the connection of the embedding problem with Jones' traveling salesman theorem and present some recent progress obtained in collaboration with P. Motakis (UIUC), Th. Schlumprecht (Texas A&M), and A. Zsàk (Peterhouse, Cambridge).