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Texas A&M University

Software on the Unix Systems

Symbolic Math Packages




  • BLAS - Basic Linear Algebra (Subprograms)
  • BLACS - Basic Linear
  • GAP - Groups Algorithms, and Programming
  • MPI - Message Passing Interface
  • LAPACK - Linear Algebra PACKage (succesor to LINPACK and EISPACK)
  • ScaLaPACK - Scalable LAPACK
  • Singular and Plural - Polynomial computer algebra system
  • TNT - Template Numerical Toolkit (successor to Lapack++, Sparselib++, IML++, MV++)
  • PETSc - Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation
  • Documentation for these libraries (under construction)


  • vi. Standard Unix editor.
  • Emacs. Sophisticated terminal and X editor. Builtin help and tutorial
  • Nedit. Mouse driven editor. Builtin help.
  • pico. Easy to use terminal editor similar to pine. Builtin help.


Our configuration allows e-mail to be read on any of the central Unix systems.


  • xmgr - Point and click plots.
  • plotmtv - multi-purpose plotting tool.
  • xfig - Figure drawing.
  • geomview: Geometry Center Visualization and Simulation Software
  • xpaint - graphics program to edit many graphic types including gif, tiff, bmp, etc.
  • xv - graphics viewer of several graphics types including jpg, gif, bmp, etc.
  • gimp - sophisticated image manipulation.
  • kview - KDE image viewer.

WWW Browsers

  • Firefox
  • Mozilla
  • Netscape
  • Lynx - text based browser suitable for remote logins.
  • wget - quick download of single files.

News Readers

The USENET news is read from the campus server,

  • trn. Terminal based. Standard news reader.
  • GNUs. Emacs-based. Start with emacs -f gnus.
  • Thunderbird also has news capabilities.


  • Java Developer Kit
  • GAIM - connects to multiple instant messaging services
  • IMAP - remote mail access
  • mrolo - rolodex.
  • Thunderbird - address book.
  • korganizer - KDE calendar manager.
  • kcalc - KDE calculator.
  • ghostview - Postscript previewer.

Last update: 07Jul2009 slj