3rd Annual Meeting of the
SIAM Texas-Louisiana Section

October 16 - 18, 2020

Virtual Zoom Meeting

Hosted by Texas A&M University

Conference Events


Each mini-symposium will consist of one or multiple sessions of 4 talks each. We are expecting to have 30 minute contributions (including questions).

Accepted mini-symposiums

  • M01: Stochastic processes on graphs and networks
  • M02: New Developments in PDE Constrained Optimization
  • M03: Nonlinear Waves and Applications
  • M04: Theoretical and computational studies of PDEs driven by random processes
  • M05: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Biology
  • M06: Structure preserving techniques for nonlinear conservation equations
  • M07: Topics in qualitative and quantitative properties of partial differential equations
  • M08: Multiphase Flows in Porous Media at the Darcy Scale
  • M09: Numerical Methods and Deep Learning for PDEs
  • M10: Recent advances in numerical methods for shallow water flows
  • M11: Recent advances in the numerical approximation of geometric partial differential equations
  • M12: Scientific Machine Learning
  • M13: Recent advances in inverse problems: Numerics, theory, and applications
  • M14: Spectral Theory and Mathematical Physics
  • M15: Graph Theory
  • M16: Analytic and computational approaches for metamaterial and nanoscale optics
  • M17: Mathematical and computational models for understanding emerging epidemics and evaluating intervention strategies
  • M18: Numerical methods and applications for cardiovascular mechanics
  • M19: Nonlocal models in mathematics and computation
  • M20: Dynamics of Nonlinear PDE and Applications
  • M21: Analytical Aspect of Nonlinear Wave Equations
  • M22: Biological Oscillations: From genes to populations
  • M23: Clustering Analysis of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Cases in U.S. States and Territories
  • M24: Mathematical Advances in Ecology and Evolution
  • M25: Applications of Algebraic Geometry
  • M26: Algebraic, geometric, and combinatorial methods in mathematical biology
  • M27: Geometry and complexity
  • M28: Numerical methods for Stokes and Navier-Stokes equations
  • M29: Advances in Seismic Imaging and Inversion
  • M30: Elastic Imaging and Full waveform inversion for hydrocarbon exploration and production

More information including abstracts can be found in the Program pdf document.