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Texas A&M University

Fall 2012 MATH 151-8xx MATLAB Project 1 (Part A)

  1. Students will work in their assigned teams on this assignment. The remaining problems will be given in Week 4
  2. Assignment Objectives:
    • Creating Matrices with Matlab (Gilat pp39-41)
    • Operations with Matrices (Gilat pp64-70)
    • Solving Equations with Matrices (Gilat p 71)
    • Solving Equation symbollically (Gilat pp358-363)
  3. Link to Problems
  4. For each problem, you'll work out of the MATLAB Editor. You'll interactively save and run your MATLAB M-file and publish your results to a PDF file which you can print from the calclabs using xprint or transfer and print locally.
  5. You'll print out the .pdf files. Do any hand work on ruled notebook paper or engineering green graph paper.
  6. This assignment (along with part B) is due 8-9 Oct, at the START of your computer lab. Be sure to manage your time according to your schedule. Do NOT put things off! It is highly advisable that you use the 50 minutes in lab to complete as much of the assignment as possible while your TA is available to help.
  7. When you finish, you will turn in the documentation of your Matlab work to your TA. Print a copy of the assignment page linked above, fill it out, and use it as a cover sheet. Note that there are questions to answer on the assignment page as well!
  8. Various MATLAB videos that you have viewed in advance show how to use xprint to print your .pdf files from CalcLab. Alternatively, transfer your files to the Open Access Lab or your personal computer using a flash drive, email, or FileZilla for printing.
  • There are samples of the types of problems you have to do in Section 3.8 of your lab manual. (Not all sample problems apply to this assignment.) Watch the Streaming Videos linked on the Index page if you have not already done so.

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