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Fall 2012 MATH 151-8xx MATLAB Project 3

  1. Students will work in their assigned teams on this assignment.
  2. Assignment Objectives:
    • Symbollic Variables (Gilat pp350-364)
    • Generating User Input (Gilat pp99-100)
    • If-Then-Else Statements (Gilat pp182-186)
    • For Loops (Gilat pp190-195)
    • Plotting Functions and Points (Gilat pp134-143)
    • Setting Viewing Axes (Gilat pp147-148)
  4. Link to Assignment
  5. For this assignment, you'll work out of the MATLAB Editor to create a program which asks the user to input a symbollic expression in x, then publish a separate program that displays the first and second derivatives, roots, critical values, and inflection points. The program then plots the original expression in an appropriate window and highlights all roots, critical values, and inflection points.
  6. You will publish your second program to a PDF file. In addition, your TA will observe you running your first program to make sure it allows him/her to enter the desired input and publishes the second program which should automatically print the first and second derivatives, roots, critical values, and inflection points (REAL VALUES ONLY-NO COMPLEX ANSWERS) and plot the original function in an appropriate window with all roots, critical values, and inflection points highlighted.
  7. This assignment is due 19-20 November, at the START of your computer lab. Be sure to manage your time according to your schedule. Do NOT put things off! It is highly advisable that you use the remaining time in lab to complete as much of the assignment as possible while your TA is available to help.
  8. When you finish, you will turn in the printout of your published file to your TA. Print a copy of the assignment page linked above, fill it out, and use it as a cover sheet.
  9. The easiest way to print your PDF file is to transfer it to the Open Access Lab using a flash drive, email, or FileZilla and print directly from there (File/Print).
  • You have three weeks to complete this assignment, but you will probably need to work throughout these three weeks to complete everything! You should aim to be ready to test your program the week prior to deadline. Test it several times to make sure it can handle the many different issues that can crop up.
  • There are samples of the type of programming you have to do in Section 4.6, 5.12, and 6.7 of your lab manual. Not all examples apply to this assignment. Watch the Streaming Videos linked on the Index page if you have not already done so.

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