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Texas A&M University
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Our program offers a broad slate of courses, which are roughly grouped as follows. 

  • Core courses. These are foundational courses taught at the qualifying exam level and offered yearly.
  • Specialized courses. These are more specialized courses offered either annually or every other year , generally more advanced than the core courses, except for a few courses that are either service courses to other programs, courses aimed at filling background gaps or specific to certain masters program options.
  • Special Topics courses and Seminar courses These are advanced courses, either reflecting the state-of-the-art in specialized fields or covering specialized topics not taught in any of our regular courses. Here is the list of recent offerings:
  • Research seminars In addition to credit accruing courses, our department hosts a great array of research seminars and special lecture series that are a valuable resource in the education of our graduate students. We also have various "working seminars" every semester, where students and faculty members meet regularly to discuss recent results and learn new ideas in a highly interactive environment.

Description of the Graduate Courses

Link to the university graduate catalogs here.