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Texas A&M University

Distance Master's degree: Mathematics and Statistics Track

The Mathematics and Statistics track emphasizes the use of information to solve real-world problems and evaluate theoretical concerns that may arise in the future. That emphasis on solving problems ensures that students are prepared to work in a variety of industries and fields. Graduates who have a background in Mathematics and Statistics are in high demand.

Degree Plan Requirements

  1. Requires a minimum of 36 credit hours, at least 18 of which must be in mathematics.*
  2. There must be 15 credit hours in specialized mathematics and statistics courses selected from the following:
    • MATH 609 (Numerical Analysis);
    • MATH 619 (Applied Probability);
    • STAT 608 (Regression Analysis*);
    • STAT 630 (Mathematical Statistics);
    • MATH 632 (A Transition to Graduate Level Mathematics);
  3. There must be 12 hours of graduate mathematics courses and 6 hours of graduate statistics courses, selected from the following:*
    • MATH 613 (Graph Theory);
    • MATH 615 (Introduction to Classical Analysis);
    • MATH 628 (Mathematics of Finance);
    • MATH 630 (Combinatorics);
    • MATH 640 (Linear Algebra for Applications);
    • MATH 647 (Mathematical Modeling);
    • MATH 660 (Computational Linear Algebra);
    • MATH 664 (Seminar in Applied Mathematics);
    • MATH 673 (Information, Secrecy and Authentications I);
    • MATH 677 (Mathematical Foundations for Data Science);
    • Math 685 (Directed Studies*);
    • MATH 696 (Mathematical Communication and Technology);
    • STAT 601 (Statistical Analysis).
    • STAT 616 (Stat Aspects of Machine Learning).
    • STAT 624 (Databases and Computational Tools Used in Big Data).
    • STAT 639 (Data Mining and Analysis).
    • STAT 646 (Bioinformatics).
    • STAT 651 (Statistics in Research I).
    • STAT 652 (Statistics in Research II).
    • STAT 656 (Applied Analytics).
  4. * Math 685 (typically 1 credit hour, no more 3 credit hours) will be allowed only with the permission of the Committee Chair and the Director of the Program.

  5. This leaves 3 of 36 credits to be chosen in consultation with the student's advisor (This should be a class in mathematics).

* STAT 601 or STAT 651 is a prerequesite for STAT 608.