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Texas A&M University

Distance Program: Transferring from G6 to G7 classifications

G6 and G7 classifications

The G6 classification allows student to attend classes without seeking a degree. Refer to G6 classification for additional information. Instead the G7 students are seeking a degree and must follow different requirements depending on whether they are in the Teaching track, the Mathematics and Statistics track, or the Computational track.


The student must have passed at least 3 classes. Among them at least two must be math classes excluding Math 696 (Mathematical Communications and Technology). In addition, one of them should be either Math 632 (A Transition to Graduate Level Mathematics) or Math 645 (Survey of Mathematical Problems I). The GRE is also required in order to transfer to G7 status.

Notice that only up to 12 hours taken as a G6 student can transfer to the G7 graduate program.


To transfer from G6 non-degree seeking status to degree seeking G7 status, students must send an email to declaring their intent to transfer along with the names of two online instructors from the mathematics department for recommendation. The email should be received at the semester after which the above eligibility conditions are met.

Upon reception of this email, the graduate committee will review the application and inform the candidate. When pre-recommended by the graduate committee, the student is required to submit a new ApplyTexas application as described in the application process (G7 degree seeking). Note that the G6 students who primarily applied to the G7 graduate program but were accepted as a G6 candidate do not need to take the GRE general test again.