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Texas A&M University

Distance Education - M.S. in Mathematics

The Final Masters Oral Exam

Students in the Masters of Science in Mathematics at a Distance Program are required to take a final oral exam. It will be administered online.


In order to be eligible to take the exam, your cumulative and degree plan GPR's must be at least 3.00. You must not have any un-absolved grades of D, F, or U for any course listed on the degree plan. You must have completed all coursework listed on the degree plan, with the exception of registered courses at the time of the exam.

Setting the time

  • Select a few dates, e.g. Nov 4, Oct 26, and so forth.
  • Select a couple of times as well.
  • Plan on two hours for the exam.
  • Ask your committee which of these dates and times are ok.
  • You may need to iterate this procedure a few times.

When you get agreement on a time from all, then (1) submit the paperwork to the Office of Graduate Studies, and finally (2) contact each committee member individually for guidance on exam preparation.

Remember, this exam is taken online and you will be required to install (free) Centra software. To use this software it is recommended you have a high-speed connection. Also, you may need to practice a bit with the software. This may take a couple of weeks. So, allow time for this process. When the exam time is set, you will receive instructions on the software installation.

Submitting the paperwork to the Office of Graduate Studies

The request for permission to hold the examination must be submitted to OGS at least 10 working days prior to the exam. The request form can be found online. The last day to submit to OGS for Fall Graduation is October 29, 2004 or 10 working days prior to the examination. If you would like for us to circulate the request for signatures, the last day to be submitted to us will be October 20, 2004. The request should include the signatures of approval of the committee chair and the department head. You will be required to check with your advisory committee on an acceptable date and time for the exam. For any given term, the OGS gives two deadlines: (i) last day to apply for graduation during a given term, and (ii) the last day to take the oral examinations. These dates can be found here. These dates, which are firm, vary each semester.