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Distance Education - G6 Definitions and Regulations

Postbaccalaureate Non-degree (G6)

Application for postbaccalaureate non-degree classification requires a completed application form, a statement as to the applicant's need for the proposed course work at Texas A&M University and his or her ability to successfully complete that course work, the required application processing fee, and a complete, official transcript showing completion of a baccalaureate degree. Applicants for postbaccalaureate non-degree classification must indicate a department of affiliation when they apply. Admission to postbaccalaureate non-degree classification requires departmental approval along with approval of the Office of Admissions and Records.

Enrollment of postbaccalaureate non-degree students may be limited by college or departmental policies.

Postbaccalaureate non-degree classification is intended for students with a baccalaureate degree from an institution of higher education.

If at a later date, a postbaccalaureate non-degree student decides to pursue a graduate degree, the student must understand that limitations may be placed on course work taken while in G6 status. Specifically, the student must understand that a college or a department may decide whether or not to accept any G6 work toward the student's graduate degree; however, with the approval of the student's graduate advisory committee, the department head, the college dean and the Office of Graduate Studies, a maximum of 12 credit hours taken in postbaccalaureate non-degree status may be used on a student's degree plan. Admission to postbaccalaureate non-degree status does not establish eligibility for admission to degree-seeking status.

Postbaccalaureate non-degree classification applications are handled on a first come, first served basis. Applications submitted within one month of registration may not be processed in time to begin that semester or term.

Enrollment of G6 students in courses may be limited by college and departmental policies. Each postbaccalaureate non-degree student must be reviewed by his or her department of affiliation for continuation at the end of each semester.

A postbaccalaureate non-degree student must maintain a 3.0000 PR on all course work attempted to remain eligible to register. University departments and colleges may have additional or higher requirements.

Postbaccalaureate non-degree status students are not eligible for assistantships, fellowships or scholarships funded by Texas A&M University.

Postbaccalaureate non-degree status normally is not available to international students.

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