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Texas A&M University

Financial Support

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Stipends for Ph.D. students in good standing in the department are $2,050.00 per month for 9 months. Currently we are unable to offer support to MS students. Summer support is contingent upon good standing in the department and the availability of funds. Graduate Assistants qualify for in-state tuition and fees which currently average $3754.80 per fall and spring semesters. The University mandates that 9 credit hours of university/college required tuition and fees per fall and spring semesters shall be covered for PhD students in good standing receiving assistantships according to the following rules:

  • 5 years for PhD students coming in without a MS degree
  • 4 years for PhD students coming in with a MS degree

After the above time periods, Teaching Assistantships are available for a limited time for PhD students in good standing. University/College required tuition and fees are covered contingent upon the availability of funds and student performance.

The Student Business Services Office maintains tuition/fee charts to help students determine the cost of attendance. International Student Services maintains a special tuition/fee chart just for International students. Students supported on assistantships are eligible to enroll in the University's health insurance plans and receive a contribution from the State to cover a portion of their insurance premiums.

Workload for Graduate Assistants

Our Graduate Assistant duties are light in comparison to many other departments in the nation. We strive to keep workloads to a modest number of hours per week to ensure that students can adequately concentrate on their studies and successfully finish their degrees.

Typical duties of a Graduate Assistant are:

  • Working Help sessions (basically one-on-one tutoring), or
  • Conducting Recitations sessions and overseeing computer labs for Calculus classes, or
  • Grading

There are also opportunities for Graduate Assistants to teach their own course.

Fellowships and Graduate Research Assistantships

Highly qualified applicants are nominated by the Department for a variety of fellowships and research assistantships. These include:

All applicants are automatically considered for all forms of departmental financial support. Those seeking fall admission with possible fellowship support are encouraged to complete their applications by December 15.

Outside Forms of Financial Support

Students can also seek outside forms of financial support from the following University Offices: