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Texas A&M University

TAMU Math Publications 2009

Michael Anshelevich

  • M. Anshelevich, Appell polynomials and their relatives. II. Boolean theory, Indiana Univ. Math. J. 58 (2009), no. 2, 929-968.

Wolfgang Bangerth

  • Y. Wang, W. Bangerth and J. Ragusa, Three-dimensional h-adaptivity for the multigroup neutron diffusion equations, Progress in Nuclear Energy 51 (2009), 543-555.

  • W. Bangerth and O. Kayser-Herold, Data structures and requirements for hp finite element software, ACM Trans. Math. Software 36 (2009), 4/1-4/31.

  • W. Bangerth and A. Joshi, Adaptive finite element methods for nonlinear inverse problems, in Proceedings of the 24rd ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, D. Shin (ed.), Honolulu, Hawaii, March 8-12, 2009, pp. 1002-1006.

Gregory Berkolaiko

  • G. Berkolaiko and J. Kuipers, Moments of the Wigner delay times, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 43 (2009), 035101.

  • J.A.D. Appleby, G. Berkolaiko and A. Rodkina, Non-exponential stability and decay rates in nonlinear stochastic difference equation with unbounded noises, Stochastics 81 (2009), 99-127.

  • G. Berkolaiko, J.M. Harrison and J.H. Wilson, Mathematical aspects of vacuum energy on quantum graphs, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 42 (2009), 025204.

Al Boggess

  • A. Boggess and A. Raich, A simplified calculation for the fundamental solution to the heat equation on the Heisenberg group, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 137 (2009), no. 3, 937-944.

  • A. Boggess and Fran Narcowich, A First Course in Wavelets with Fourier Analysis, Second Edition, John Wiley Publishing, 2009.

Andrea Bonito

  • A. Bonito, R.H. Nochetto, J. Quah, and D. Margetis, Towards self-organization of decaying surface corrugations: A numerical study, Phys. Rev. Lett. E 79(5) (2009), 4 pp.

Lewis Bowen

  • L. Bowen, Free groups in lattices, Geom. Topol. 13 (2009), 3021-3054.

Goong Chen

  • Z. Feng and G. Chen, Traveling wave phenomena in parametric forms for a diffusion model with a nonlinear rate of growth, Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. 24 (2009), no. 3, 763-780.

  • N.Z. Petrovic, M. Belic, W.-P. Zhong, R.H. Xie, and G. Chen, Exact spatiotemporal wave and soliton solutions to the generalized (3+1)-dimensional Schrödinger equation for both normal and anomalous dispersion, Optics Lett. 34 (2009), 1609-1611.

  • Z. Zhang and G. Chen, Mathematical formulations of atom trap quantum gates, Amer. Math. Soc. Contemp. Math. 482 (2009), 1-22.

  • Z. Zhang, G. Chen, Z. Diao, and P.R. Hemmer, NMR quantum computing, Chapter 14 in "Advances in Applied Mathematics and Global Optimization: In Honor of Gilbert Strang," D.Y. Gao and H.D. Sherali (eds.), Springer, New York, 2009, pp. 451-505.

  • W.-P. Zhong, M. Belic, R.-H. Xie, and G. Chen, Dynamically compressed bright solitons in a three-dimensional highly anisotropic Bose-Einstein condensate, Invertis J. Sci. Tech. 2 (2009), 62-68.

  • W.-P. Zhong, M. Belic, R.H. Xie, G. Chen, and Y.Q. Lu, Dynamically compressed bright and dark solitons in highly anisotropic Bose-Einstein condensates, Eur. Phys. J.D. 55 (2009), 147-153.

  • W.-P. Zhong, M. Belic, R.-H. Xie, G. Chen, and L. Yi, Two-dimensional spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals, Comm. Theo. Phys. (Beijing, China) 51 (2009), 324-330.

Andrew Comech

  • A. Comech and A. Komech, Global attraction to solitary waves for Klein-Gordon equation with mean field interaction, Annales de l'Institute Henri Poincaré (Analyse non linéaire) 26 (2009), no. 3, 855-868.

  • A. Comech and A. Komech, Principles of Partial Differential Equations, Springer, 2009.

Prabir Daripa

  • P. Daripa and G. Pasa, Thickening effect of surfactants on the drag-out coating problem, J. Stat. Mech. L07002 (2009), 10 pp.

  • P. Daripa, An Overview of Some Recent and New Fast Algorithms for Solving PDEs Based on Green's Function Approach, Book of Abstracts, SIAM CSE09 Mtg., FL, (2009), March 2-6, 2009.

  • P. Daripa, Surfactant effect on the motion of long bubbles in capillary tubes, Bull. Amer. Phys. Soc. 54(19) (2009), 166 pp.

Ronald DeVore

  • A. Cohen, W. Dahmen and R. DeVore, Compressed sensing and best k-term approximation, J. Amer. Math. Soc. 22 (2009), no. 1, 211-231.

  • R. DeVore and A. Kunoth, Nonlinear approximation and its application, in Multiscale, Nonlinear, and Adaptive Approximation, Springer, 2009, pp. 169-201.

  • R. DeVore, G. Petrova and P. Wojtasczek, Instance optimality in probability with an l1-minimization decoder, Appl. Comput. Harmon. Anal. 27 (2009), 275-288.

Pandelis Dodos

  • G. Androulakis, P. Dodos, G. Sirotkin, and V.G. Troitsky, Classes of strictly singular operators and their products, Israel J. Math. 169 (2009), 221-250.

Detelin Dosev

  • D.T. Dosev, Commutators on l1, J. Funct. Anal. 256 (2009), no. 11, 3490-3509.

Ronald Douglas

  • R.G. Douglas and J. Sarkar, Essentially reductive weighted shift Hilbert modules, J. Operator Theory 55 (2009), 1-24.

Kenneth J. Dykema

  • K. Dykema and H. Schultz, Brown measure and iterates of the Aluthge transform for some operators arising from measurable actions, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 361 (2009), 6583-6593.

  • K. Dykema and A. Skripka, Higher order spectral shift, J. Funct. Anal. 257 (2009), 1092-1132.

  • B. Abadie and K. Dykema, Unique ergodicity of free shifts and some other automorphisms of C*-algebras, J. Operator Theory 61 (2009), no. 2, 279-294.

  • B. Collins and K. Dykema, On a reduction procedure for Horn inequalities in finite von Neumann algebras, Oper. Matrices 3 (2009), 1-40.

Yalchin Efendiev

  • Y. Efendiev and T. Hou, Multiscale Finite Element Methods and their Applications to Porous Media Flows, Springer, 2009.

  • P. Dostert, Y. Efendiev and B. Mohanty, Efficient uncertainty quantification techniques for Richards' equations, Adv. Water Res. 33 (2009), no. 3, 329-339.

  • Y. Efendiev, A. Datta-Gupta, X. Ma, and B. Mallick, Efficient sampling techniques for uncertainty quantification in history matching using nonlinear error models and ensemble level upscaling techniques, Water Resources Res. (2009).

  • A. Mondal, A. Datta-Gupta, Y. Efendiev, and B. Mallick, Bayesian uncertainty quantification for flows in heterogeneous porous media using reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, Adv. Water Res. (2009).

  • P. Popov, G. Qin, L. Bi, Y. Efendiev, Z. Kang, and J. Li, Multiphysics and multiscale methods for modeling fluid flow through naturally fractured carbonate Karst reservoirs, SPE Reservoir Evaluation Engrg 12 (2009), no. 2, 218-231.

  • H. Wang, Y. Ding, K. Wang, R.E. Ewing, and Y.R. Efendiev, A multiscale Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint method for transient advection-diffusion equations with oscillatory coefficients, Comput. Vis. Sci. 12 (2009), no. 2, 63-70.

  • Y. Efendiev and T.Y. Hou, Multiscale finite element methods. Theory and applications, in Surveys and Tutorials in the Applied Mathematical Sciences, 4, Springer, New York, 2009, xii+234 pp.

Tamás Erdélyi

  • T. Erdélyi, The Remez inequality for linear combinations of shifted Gaussians, Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 146 (2009), no. 3, 523-530.

  • T. Erdélyi, George Lorentz and inequalities in approximation, Algebra i Analiz (St. Petersburg Math. J.) 21 (2009), 1-57.

Ciprian Foias

  • R. Dascaliuc and M.S. Jolly, On the asymptotic of average energy and entrophy in 3D turbulent flows, Phys. D 238 (2009), 725-736.

  • L. Hoang, E. Olson and M. Ziane, The normal form of the Navier-Stokes equations, Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré Anal. Nonlinéaire 26 (2009), 1635-1673.

  • L. Hoang and B. Nicolaenko, On the helicity in 3D-periodic Navier-Stokes equations, II. The statistical case, Comm. Math. Phys. 290 (2009), no. 2, 679-717.

  • S. Hamid, C. Onica and C. Pearcy, Operators with compact imaginary part, Indiana Univ. Math. J. 58 (2009), 2297-2303.

Stephen Fulling

  • S.A. Fulling and K. Kirsten, Comment on: "The Casimir force on a piston in the spacetime with extra compactified dimensions" [Phys. Lett. B 668 (2008), 72], Phys. Lett. B 671 (2009), 179-180.

  • K. Kirsten and S.A. Fulling, Kaluza-Klein models as pistons, Phys. Rev. D 79 (2009), 065019, 10 pp.

  • S.A. Fulling, L. Kaplan, K. Kirsten, Z.H. Liu, and K.A. Milton, Vacuum stress and closed paths in rectangles, pistons, and pistols, J. Phys. A 42 (2009), 155402, 33 pp.

Rostislav Grigorchuk

  • R.I. Grigorchuk and S.V. Ivanov, On Dehn functions of infinite presentations of groups, Geom. Funct. Anal. 18 (2009), no. 6, 1841-1874.

  • R.I. Grigorchuk, On a question of Wiegold and torsion images of Coxeter groups, Algebra Discrete Math. 4 (2009), 78-96.

Jean-Luc Guermond

  • J.-L. Guermond, The LBB condition in fractional Sobolev spaces and applications, IMA J. Numer. Anal. 29 (2009) 790-805.

  • J.-L. Guermond and B. Popov, An optimal L1-minimization algorithm for stationary Hamilton-Jacobi equations, Commun. Math. Sci. 7 (2009), no. 1, 211-238.

  • J.-L. Guermond and A. Salgado, A splitting method for incompressible flows with variable density based on a pressure Poisson equation, J. Comput. Phys. 228 (2009), no. 8, 2834-2846.

  • J.-L. Guermond, R. Laguerre, J. Léorat, and C. Nore, Nonlinear magnetohydrodynamics in axisymmetric heterogeneous domains using a Fourier/finite element technique and an interior penalty method, J. Comput. Phys. 228 (2009), no. 8, 2739-2757.

  • V. Dobrev, J.-L. Guermond and B. Popov, Surface reconstruction via L1-minimization, S. Margenov, L.G. Vulkov and J. Wasniewski (eds.), NAA 2008, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, LNCS 5434 (2009), 32-43.

Peter Howard

  • P. Howard, Spectral analysis of stationary solutions of the Cahn-Hilliard equation, Adv. Differential Equation 14 (2009), 87-120.

William Johnson

  • J.D. Farmer and W.B. Johnson, Lipschitz p-summing operators, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 137 (2009), no. 9, 2989-2995.

  • W.B. Johnson and A. Szankowski, Complementably universal Banach spaces. II, J. Functional Anal. 257 (2009), 3395-3408.

Guido Kanschat

  • H.K. Hesse and G. Kanschat, Mesh adaptive multiple shooting for partial differential equations. Part I: Linear quadratic optimal control problems, J. Numer. Math. 17(3) (2009), 195-217.

  • B. Cockburn, G. Kanschat and D. Schötzau, An equal-order DG method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, J. Sci. Comput. 40(1-3) (2009), 188-210.

David Kerr

  • J. Giol and D. Kerr, Subshifts and perforation, J. reine angew. Math. 12 pp. (online). Print issue to be assigned.

  • D. Kerr and H. Li, On Gromov–Hausdorff convergence for operator metric spaces, J. Operator Theory 62 (2009), 83-109.

  • D. Kerr and H. Li, Combinatorial independence in measurable dynamics, J. Funct. Anal. 256 (2009), 1341-1386.

Peter Kuchment

  • M. Agranovsky, P. Kuchment and L. Kunyansky, On reconstruction formulas and algorithms for the thermoacoustic and photoacoustic tomography, Ch. 8, L.H. Wang (ed.), Photoacoustic Imaging and Spectroscopy, CRC Press, 2009, pp. 89-101.

  • Y. Xu, L. Wang, G. Ambartsoumian, and P. Kuchment, Limited view thermoacoustic tomography, Ch. 6, L.H. Wang (ed.), Photoacoustic Imaging and Spectroscopy, CRC Press, 2009, pp. 61-73.

  • M. Agranovsky, P. Kuchment and D. Finch, Range conditions for a spherical mean transform, Inverse Problems and Imaging 3 (2009), no. 3, 373-382.

  • P. Kuchment, Tight frames of exponentially decaying Wannier functions, J. Phys. A 42 (2009), 025203.

Joseph Landsberg

  • J.M. Landsberg and Z.Teitler, On the ranks and border ranks of symmetric tensors, Found. Comp. Math. (2009).

  • J.M. Landsberg and C. Robles, Fubini's theorem in codimension two, J. Reine Angew. Math. 631 (2009), 221-235.

  • J.M. Landsberg and J. Weyman, On secant varieties of compact Hermitian symmetric spaces, J. Pure Appl. Algebra 213 (2009), no. 11, 2075-2086.

David Larson

  • D. Han and D. Larson, On the orthogonality of frames and the density and connectivity of wavelet frames, Acta Appl. Math. 107 (2009), 211-222.

  • V. Kaftal, D. Larson and S. Zhang, Operator-valued frames, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 361 (2009), 6349-6385.

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  • D. Han, D. Dutkay and D. Larson, A duality principle for groups, J. Funct. Anal. 257 (2009), 1133-1143.

Aaron Lauve

  • J. Berstel, A. Lauve, C. Reutenauer, and F.V. Saliola, Combinatorics on words, Christoffel words and repetitions in words, CRM Monograph Series, 27, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2009, xii+147 pp.

Raytcho Lazarov

  • R.K. Sinha, R.E. Ewing and R.D. Lazarov, Mixed finite element approximations of parabolic integro-differential equations with nonsmooth initial data, SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 47(5) (2009), 3269-3292.

  • R.E. Ewing, O.P. Iliev, R.D. Lazarov, I. Rybak, and J. Willems, A simplified method for upscaling composite materials with high contrast of the conductivity, SIAM J. Scientific Computing 31(4) (2009), 2568-2586.

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Paulo Lima-Filho

  • P.F. dos Santos and P. Lima-Filho, Bigraded equivariant cohomology of real quadrics, Adv. Math. 221 (2009), no. 4, 1247-1280.

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Riad Masri

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Laura Matusevich

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  • L.F. Matusevich, Weyl closure of hypergeometric systems, Collect. Math. 60 (2009), no. 2, 147-158.

Francis Narcowich

  • E.J. Fuselier, F.J. Narcowich, J.D. Ward, and G.B. Wright, Error and stability estimates for surface-divergence free RBF interpolants on the sphere, Math. Comp. 78 (2009), 2157-2186.

Volodymyr Nekrashevych

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Piotr Nowak

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Dmitry Panchenko

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Joseph Pasciak

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  • S. Kim and J.E. Pasciak, The computation of resonances in open systems using a perfectly matched layer, Math. Comp. 78 (2009), no. 267, 1375-1398.

Carl Pearcy

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Guergana Petrova

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Gilles Pisier

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Alexei Poltoratski

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Bojan Popov

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Coleen Robles

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Maurice Rojas

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Eric Rowell

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William Rundell

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Janie Schielack

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Thomas Schlumprecht

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Paula Tretkoff

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Tom Vogel

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Joe Ward

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Catherine Yan

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