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Texas A&M University

Alumni and Friends


  • Powell Chair in Mathematics. This chair was established in 2007 through a gift from Thomas W. Powell '62. The initial holder, since 2012, is Guoliang Yu.
  • Mobil Chair in Computational Science. This chair was established in 1999 through an initial gift by Mobil Technology Company. The initial holder was the late Richard Ewing. Since 2012, the holders are Yalchin Efendiev and Jean-Luc Guermond.
  • Owen Chair in Mathematics. This was provided through the donation by Arthur George and Mary Emolene Owen. Since 1984 the holders of the chair have been Gilles Pisier and Bill Johnson.
  • Walter E. Koss Endowed Professorship. This gift was made in 1999 by Dr. Edwin Koss in honour of his father Walter E. Koss who was Professor of Mathematics at Texas A&M from 1937 until 1957. Since 2008, the holder of this professorship is Ron DeVore
  • Carl Pearcy Fellowship. Endowed by Professor Carl Pearcy; awarded to incoming graduate students.
  • L.F. Guseman, Jr. Mathematics Graduate Scholarship Fund. Larry Guseman was a mathematics faculty member from 1967 until his death in 1991. A memorial gift by students, faculty, family and friends endows an annual scholarship to a mathematics graduate student.
  • Walter E. Koss Endowed Fellowship. Initiated in 1999 by Dr. Edwin Koss in honor of his father. It is awarded to a graduate student.
  • Elizabeth Wade Lepley Endowed Scholarship. Given in memory of Elizabeth by Peggy L and Charles L. Brittan. It is awarded to a freshman majoring in mathematics.
  • Robert F. Smith Memorial Fund. Initiated in 1936 by gifts from faculty and students. It awards prizes to undergraduates for performance in mathematics contests.
  • Koss/Hillman/McGee Endowed Scholarships. Initiated in 1999 by Dr. Edwin Koss in honor of three former Department faculty members. It is awarded to mathematics udergraduate students.


Ph.D., Master's, and Bachelor's graduates are available as far back as we have on file. Names that indicate links contain some contact information on the individual. This should be a cue for former students to contact us (and all their classmates) with some information on themselves!