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Texas A&M University

Power Team Rules

Each school may enter team(s) of up to six students (per team). Each team collaborates on one or more open-ended problems, which allow the team to devise appropriate examples, make conjectures, and prove (or attempt to prove) their conjectures.

Team participants are not allowed to consult with anyone but their team mates. Participants are not allowed to look on the web for any information regarding the power team exam, nor are they allowed to search books or other reference materials. Team entries are expected to be neat and legible. If not, they face the possiblity of being disqualified by the judges.

Power Team Exams will be posted for the participating teams to download one week prior to the contest. Teams will have until the day of the contest to formulate their responses.

All hand delivered submissions are due by 9:15 am on the day of the contest! FAXed submissions will be accepted provided they are received no later than 8:30 AM. on the day of the contest. FAXed solutions should be sent to 979-862-4190, attention Mike Stecher.

The fee for any school to enter one or more power teams is $10.00 regardless of the number of teams entered.