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Texas A&M University

Math Awareness Month

Each year, the month of April is designated the Mathematics Awareness Month by

to recognize the importance of mathematics. To avoid the end-of-semester chaos, Texas A&M will hold its annual Fair at the end of February.

Activities at Texas A&M University:
Mathematics and Statistics Fair -
Saturday February 24, 2018

Julia Robinson Math Festival, Problem Solving, Mathematics Lectures, and Mathematical Arts and Crafts


(All events are on the first and second floor of Blocker.)
9:00-9:30AM Registration (Blocker 2nd floor lobby)
9:00AM-12:00Noon Julia Robinson Math Festival
Puzzles, Problems, Arts, Crafts, and More

Paradoxes in Probability and Statistics
Public Lecture by Boris Hanin
Abstract: Probability and statistics are among the most important and exciting areas in pure and applied math. They are also notorious for intuition-bending problems. I will give some examples of such questions, especially ones that are historically important in the development of these fields.
12:00Noon Prize Raffle* and Closing Remarks
2:00PM-3:15PM Advanced Lectures
Pre-Algebra students, Big Numbers and Fast Codes (BLOC 117)
Speaker: Maurice Rojas
Abstract: Cryptology is the art of making and breaking secret codes. In this activity, we'll get some idea of the kinds of mathematics needed to build codes to protect private information. Among other things, we'll learn how to compute very large powers of numbers (in finite fields) with very little work.

Algebra I through Pre-Calculus, The Algebra of Rubik's Cubes (BLOC 113)
Speaker: David Manuel
Abstract: In this activity, we will discover some of the algebraic properties behind the movements of a Rubik's Cube. We will then use these properties to develop strategies of our own for solving the Cube.

Calculus students, A Theorem Combining Tangent Lines, Areas, and Max-Min (BLOC 121)
Speaker: Phillip Yasskin
Abstract: We will minimize the area between a curve and its tangent line or the volume between a surface and its tangent plane. There are some surprising results.
3:30PM Play the Game of Eleusis (BLOC 220)
Led by Phillip Yasskin
Background: The game was invented by Robert Abbott in 1956 with later improvements and promoted by Martin Gardner. Rules attached, but you don't need to read them in advance.

*-Limit of one raffle prize per person.
Must be present to win.

Free Parking in unmarked, unnumbered spaces in lots 50 and 51.
If you park in Northside Garage across from Blocker, you will have to pay
the parking fee.

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