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Texas A&M University

Integral Bee Spring 2024

Math Awareness Month
Seventeenth Annual Integral Bee

(Details below and on poster linked in the PDF above)

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 7:00 - 9:30pm
Blocker 166

A contest to determine who can compute integrals fastest.
All integrals are at the level of Math 148/152/172 or BC Calculus.

This will be a great review for 148/152/172 final exams and BC Calculus AP exams.

All participants should register by March 5 at noon CST. Walkins will be welcome, but registration helps us get a head count for refreshments.

Register by clicking HERE


The rules may be modified as we go.

  • Eligibility
    1. Everyone is eligible.
    2. Undergraduates in Calc 2 and high school students will compete in division U (if enough high school students register, they will compete in a separate division H). Undergraduates who have completed Calc 2, graduate students and general public will compete in division G. If there is time and interest, there will be division F competition for faculty.
  • Qualifying Rounds
    1. Bring paper and pencil.
    2. There will be 6 to 8 rounds. Everyone in the audience will be eligible.
    3. In each round, an integral will be displayed on the overhead screen. You will have a specified amount of time to solve it (e.g. 2 or 4 minutes). At the end of this time, you must select your answer choice on your assigned clicker. Each participant with a correct answer and solution will receive a point.
    4. At the end of 6-8 rounds, the participants who score above a to-be-determined cutoff will become finalists.
  • Elimination Rounds
    1. For early rounds, between 2 and 6 semifinalists will be at the white board. An integral will be displayed on the overhead screen. The semifinalists (exact # to be determined) who correctly compute the integral first will continue to the final round. The others will be eliminated.
    2. A time limit will be imposed. If none of the semifinalists in that round complete the integral in that time, none advance from that semifinal.
    3. The same rules apply to the final rounds except that the order of finish will be the order for prizes.
  • Wild Card
    1. During the Elimination Rounds, any participants in the audience who correctly compute the integral before the finalists will receive a point.
    2. At the end of the Elimination Rounds, the (non-finalist) participant with the most points will be the Wild Card winner.
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