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Texas A&M University

Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar

The current seminar's organizers are Chun-Hung Liu and Catherine Yan.

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 08/28
Zoom Catherine Yan
Texas A&M
Enumeration with Moon Polyominoes and Beyond
iCal 09/04
Zoom Chun-Hung Liu
Texas A&M
Asymptotic dimension of minor-closed families and beyond
iCal 09/18
Zoom Jacob White
UT Rio Grande Valley
Combinatorial Hopf monoids and flag f-vectors
iCal 09/25
Zoom Erika Ordog
Texas A&M
Minimal resolutions of monomial ideals
iCal 10/02
Zoom Bridget Tenner
DePaul University
Odd diagram classes of permutations
iCal 10/09
Zoom Cvetelina Hill
Georgia Tech
Tropical convex hulls of polyhedral sets
iCal 10/23
Zoom Kassie Archer
UT Tyler
Cycle structure of pattern-avoiding permutations
iCal 10/30
Zoom Tekin Karadag
Texas A&M
Gerstenhaber bracket on Hopf algebra cohomology of a Taft algebra
iCal 11/06
Zoom Lauren Snider
Texas A&M
On 2-dimensional parking functions
iCal 11/13
Zoom Jay Yang
U of Minnesota
Virtual Resolutions of Monomial Ideals
iCal 11/20
Zoom Pablo Ocal
Texas A&M
Hochschild cohomology of general twisted tensor products