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Texas A&M University

Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar

The current seminar's organizers are Chun-Hung Liu and Catherine Yan.

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 01/17
BLOC 628 Organization Meeting
iCal 01/24
BLOC 628 Yuri Bahturin
Memorial University Newfoundland
Group gradings and actions of pointed Hopf algebras
iCal 01/31
BLOC 628 Chelsea Drescher 
University of North Texas
Invariants of polynomials modulo Frobenius powers and Hilbert series
iCal 02/07
BLOC 628 Luca Schaffler
University of Massachusetts Amherst
A Pascal's theorem for rational normal curves
iCal 02/14
BLOC 628 Chun-Hung Liu
Texas A&M University
Well-quasi-ordering graphs by the topological minor relation
iCal 02/21
BLOC 628
iCal 03/06
BLOC 628 Catherine Yan
Texas A&M University
Counting Rational Parking Functions
iCal 03/13
Spring Break
iCal 04/24
BLOC 628 Erika Ordog
Duke University