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Texas A&M University
Earth Mantle Convection
Earth mantle convection
Source: Wolfgang Bangerth and
Martin Kronbichler

Free Probability and Operators

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iCal 09/22
BLOC 506A Srivatsav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli
How to construct two non Gamma II_1 factors with non isomorphic ultrapowers
iCal 10/23
BLOC 117 Nico Spronk
University of Waterloo
Traces on group C*-algebras
iCal 11/03
BLOC 306 Rafael Morales
Baylor University
Real Roots of Hypergeometric Polynomials Via Finite Free Convolution
iCal 11/10
BLOC 306 Adrian Celestino
TU Graz
Antipode formulas, Schröder trees and cumulants in non-commutative probability
iCal 11/17
BLOC 306 Ryo Toyota
Complete Haagerup inequality for Gromov hyperbolic groups
iCal 12/08
BLOC 306 Antonio Ismael Cano-Marmol
Baylor University
Xp inequalities on free groups
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