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Texas A&M University

Groups and Dynamics Seminar

Organizers: Rostislav Grigorchuk, Volodia Nekrashevych, Zoran Šunić, and Robin Tucker-Drob. Arman Darbinyan

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 02/07
BLOC 123 Wencai Liu
Texas A&M University
An Invitation to Cocycle
iCal 02/14
BLOC 123 Wencai Liu
Texas A&M University
Small denominators in quasi-periodic operators
iCal 02/21
BLOC 123 Alain Valette
University of Neuchâtel
Maximal Haagerup subgroups in Zn x SL2(Z)
iCal 03/06
BLOC 123 Volodymyr Nekrashevych
Texas A&M University
Conformal dimension and combinatorial modulus
iCal 03/20
BLOC 123 Patricia Alonso Ruiz
Texas A&M University
Who is the spectrum of the Sierpinski Gasket? Introductions by an analyst.
iCal 03/27
BLOC 123 Jorge Fariña Asategui
Lund University, Sweden
On the Hausdorff dimension of self-similar and branch profinite groups
iCal 04/03
BLOC 123 Yuri Bahturin
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Growth of subideals in free Lie algebras and subnormal subgroups in free groups
iCal 04/10
BLOC 123 Tatiana Nagnibeda
University of Geneva
On maximal and weakly maximal subgroups in finitely generated groups
iCal 04/17
BLOC 123 Dmytro  Savchuk
University of South Florida
Explicit Generators for the Stabilizers of Rational Points in Thompson's Group F
iCal 04/24
BLOC 123 Santiago Radi
Texas A&M University
On Haar measure of the set of torsion elements in branch pro-p groups

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GENERAL PROBLEMS Burnside Problem on torsion groups, Milnor Problem on growth, Kaplanski Problems on zero divisors, Kaplanski-Kadison Conjecture on Idempotents, and other famous problems of Algebra, Low-Dimensional Topology, and Analysis, which have algebraic roots.

GROUPS AND GROUP ACTIONS Group actions on trees and other geometric objects, lattices in Lie groups, fundamental groups of manifolds, and groups of automorphisms of various structures. The key is to view everything from different points of view: algebraic, combinatorial, geometric, and probabalistic.

RANDOMNESS Random walks on groups, statistics on groups, and statistical models of physics on groups and graphs (such as the Ising model and Dimer model).

COMBINATORICS Combinatorial properties of finitely-generated groups and the geometry of their Caley graphs and Schreier graphs.

GROUP BOUNDARIES Boundaries of finitely generated groups: Freidental, Poisson, Furstenberg, Gromov, Martin, etc., boundaries.

AUTOMATA Groups, semigroups, and finite (and infinite) automata. This includes the theory of formal languages, groups generated by finite automata, and automatic groups.

DYNAMICS Connections between group theory and dynamical systems (in particular the link between fractal groups and holomorphic dynamics, and between branch groups and substitutional dynamical systems).

FRACTALS Fractal mathematics, related to self-similar groups and branch groups.

COHOMOLOGY Bounded cohomology, L^2 cohomology, and their relation to other subjects, in particular operator algebras.

AMENABILITY Asymptotic properties such as amenability and superamenability, Kazhdan property T, growth, and cogrowth.

ANALYSIS Various topics in Analysis related to groups (in particular spectral theory of discrete Laplace operators on graphs and groups).