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Texas A&M University

Noncommutative Geometry Seminar

Organizers: Zhizhang Xie, Guoliang Yu, Jianchao Wu, Hao Guo

Please feel free to contact any one of us, if you would like to give a talk at our seminar.

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 08/28
BLOC 628 Sherry Gong
On the Kronheimer-Mrowka concordance invariant
iCal 09/13
BLOC 220 Caterina Consani
Johns Hopkins University
[Colloquium] Under and above Spec(Z)
iCal 10/02
BLOC 628 Clément Dell'Aiera
University of Hawai'i
Exhaustivity of representations at infinity of Roe algebras
iCal 10/09
BLOC 628 Chunlan Jiang
Hebei Normal University
Similarity invariants of essentially normal Cowen-Douglas operators and Chern polynomials
iCal 10/16
BLOC 628 Jianchao Wu
Texas A&M University
The K-theory of C*-algebras associated to certain infinite dimensional spaces
iCal 10/23
BLOC 628 Rufus Willett
University of Hawai'i
Decompositions and K-theory
iCal 10/30
BLOC 628 Quanlei Fang
The City University of New York
iCal 11/20
BLOC 628 Peter Hochs
University of Adelaide