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Texas A&M University

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

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iCal 09/26
BLOC 302 William M Golding
University of Texas at Austin
Strong solutions for the homogeneous Landau equation
iCal 10/10
Zoom Lucas Huysmans
University of Cambridge
Non-uniqueness and inadmissibility of the vanishing viscosity limit of the passive scalar transport equation
iCal 10/17
Zoom/See link be Hussain Ibdah
University of Maryland
Bypassing Holder super-criticality barriers in viscous, incompressible fluids
iCal 10/24
BLOC 302 Collin Victor
Texas A&M University
Leveraging Observational Data to Enhance Continuous Data Assimilation
iCal 10/31
BLOC 302 Yongming Li
Texas A&M University
Dispersive estimates for 1D matrix Schrödinger operators with threshold resonance
iCal 12/05
BLOC 302 Maxime van de Mortel
Rutgers University
Asymptotic behavior of the Klein-Gordon equation on a Schwarzschild black hole