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Texas A&M University

Topology Seminar

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iCal 08/26
Zoom Hongbin Sun
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Subgroup separability and subgroup distortion of 3-manifold groups
iCal 09/16
Zoom Guangbo Xu
Texas A&M University
Introduction to the Atiyah-Floer conjecture
iCal 09/23
Zoom Tianqi Wu
Harvard CMSA
Koebe circle domain conjecture and the Weyl problem in hyperbolic 3-space
iCal 10/07
ZooM Prasit Bhattacharya
University of Notre Dame
The stable Adams conjecture
iCal 10/14
Zoom Shaoyun Bai
Princeton University
Equivariant Cerf theory and SU(n) Casson invariants
iCal 10/21
Zoom Sara Maloni
University of Virginia
Convex hulls of quasicircles in hyperbolic and anti-de Sitter space.
iCal 10/28
zoom Paul VanKoughnett
Purdue University
Topological modular forms and their co-operations
iCal 11/04
Zoom Sanjay Kumar
Michigan State University
Fundamental shadow links realized as links in the 3-sphere
iCal 11/11
Zoom Fenglong You
University of Alberta
Relative Gromov-Witten theory and mirror symmetry
iCal 11/18
Zoom Honghao Gao
Michigan State University
Legendrian invariants, Lagrangian fillings and cluster algebras