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Texas A&M University

Teacher Certification

The demand for secondary mathematics teachers is always strong. There are three paths a student may choose from to obtain secondary (8-12) math certification:

I. AGGIE TEACH program certification

This is the program outlined in the BA MATH (Certification) plan. Students must complete 22 hours of education courses plus one semester of student teaching. Students interested in becoming certified through the aggieTEACH program should contact Jennifer Whitfield via email (jwhitfld at or visit her in Blocker 514. Intersted students then obtain a Teaching Field Plan from Dr. Vince Schielack (979-845-2831). Students completing this plan will be certified upon graduating and passing the TExES exams for certification.

For more detailed information, please see the AGGIE TEACH Website here.

II. Post-baccalaureate certification

Students who choose this option need to complete 9 hours of education courses: TEED 302 or INST 310, TEFB 322, and TEFB 324. After graduating with at least a 2.75 GPA, students enter graduate school at Texas A&M in the college of education and take 9 hours of courses in the summer, then 12 hours of courses during a one-year internship. Students completing this plan will be certified upon completing the 21 hours of graduate courses, the internship, and passing the TExES exams for certification. If a student wishes to complete a Masters Degree in Education, they only need 15 additional hours after certification.

III. Alternative (Accelerated) Certification

Many institutions offer one-year alternative certification programs after graduation. The requirements for these programs vary by institution. Students interested in alternative certification should contact the institution they wish to attend to pursue this for specific requirements. Typically, students who choose this option will be certified upon completing their degree, one year of teaching, and passing the TExES exams for certification.


Dr. Vince Schielack