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Texas A&M University

2019 Mathematics Undergraduate Research Expo

Wednesday, September 11, 6-7 p.m., on the 2nd floor landing in Blocker.

  • As usual, refreshments will be available.
  • The purpose of the Expo is to
    • Give the mathematics undergraduate students the opportunity to showcase their research in a friendly, low pressure setting.
    • Give the mathematics undergraduates the opportunity to talk to their peers already involved in research, and to faculty interested in working with undergraduate students.
    • Give the mathematics faculty the opportunity to learn about research performed by TAMU undergraduates, and to meet students interested in joining their research groups.


  • Kelly Barnes (mentor: Jeffrey Schenker, Michigan State University).
    Rigorous Aspects of a Simplified Polaron Model.
  • Stephanie Ford (mentor: Kelly Jabbusch, University of Michigan-Dearborn).
    Classifying toric surface codes in dimension 7.
  • Cosmas Kravaris (mentor: Rostislav Grigorchuk).
    Calculating the Growth of the Wallpaper Groups using Cone Types.
  • Ben Watzak (mentor: Meng "Matt" Wei, University of Rhode Island).
    GPS Reflectometry: An Unconventional Tidal Gauge.