Abstracts from the 2007 Texas A&M University REU Miniconference

The Cross-Over and Patch Algorithms for Wavelet Sets in R2 , Z. Catlin, B. George, A. Hergenroeder.

A Stochastic Model of Tuberculosis Incorporating Household Clusters, L. Ramsini and B. Stock.

Modeling the Effects of Fragmented Habitats on Costa Rican Jaguar Populations, G. Fanti and B. Nowakowski.

Analogues of Frame Potential in Infinite Dimensions, W. Boney.

Modeling of Master and Slave Oscillators in Birds During Migratory Season, L. Cangelose and C. Montgomery.

Approximating the Complex Roots of Univariate Trinomials, C. McMeekin and M. Musty.

Pattern Formation in Spatial Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Games: The Emergence of Interspecific Mutualism in a Cellular Automata Approach, B. Cassell.

An Enzyme Kinetic Model of Blood Island Formation, A. Allen, B. Hunter, and A. Matteson.

Dual Dilation Two-Interval Wavelet Sets, K. Creech.

Comparison of Deterministic and Stochastic Approaches to Modeling the Effects of Interactive Invading Species on Native Flora, D. Bergstresser and J. Pfister.

On Connectedness and Perturbations of the Constant-Diagonal Idempotents, J. Tener.

A Characterization of Three-Interval Wavelet Sets in R, Z. Catlin.

Intervals of Freedom for Wavelet Sets, J. Fulk and D. Redelmeier.

A Hypoxia Controlled Model of Hemodynamic Remodeling and Angiogenesis, C. Lumby and A. Matteson.

On Riesz and Schauder Bases and Frames, A. Dominguez and F. Torres-Ayala.

A Look at Polynomial Equations Arising from Molecular Chains, D. Aranha.

Side-Chain Packing and Semidefinite Programming, E. Weissenstein.

Partial Density Function Model for Animal Populations, W. Schoen.