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Texas A&M University

Results of REU Research 2021

Participants, Presentations, and Reports

  • Probability and algebra Mentors: Prof. Jeffrey Kuan; Zhengye Zhou
    • Lauren Neudorf (Northeastern University) and Emily Bosche (Saint Vincent College): Calculating the Correlation Kernel along Space-Like Paths, slides, report
    • Ray Shang (Harvard): Random Interacting Particle Systems and Central Elements of U(sp_2n), slides, report
  • Number theory Mentors: Prof. Matt Young and Prof. Riad Masri; Agniva Dasgupta
    • Annika Mauro (Stanford) and Tanis Nielsen (Harvey Mudd): The distribution of short orbits of singular moduli, slides, report
    • Emily Van Bergeyk (Azusa Pacfic University) and Alexis LaBelle (High Point University): Reciprocity and the Kernel of Dedekind Sums, slides, report on ArXiv
  • Algorithmic algebraic geometry Mentors: Prof. Maurice Rojas; Weixun Deng and Joshua Goldstein
    • Erick Boniface (NC State University): Solving trinomials quickly over the real numbers, slides, report
    • Elliott Fairchild (Harvard): Solving trinomials over Q_p, slides, report
    • Kaiwen Lu (University of Michigan): Value sets and periodic points for trinomials of the form cx^d + x + a over F_p, slides, report
    • Lisa Soule (University of Nevada, Reno): Counting Real Roots of Tetranomials Faster via A-discriminants, slides, report

Group photo (July 2021)
Whole group in 2021