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Texas A&M University

Results of REU Research 2022

REU Mini-Conference, July 18, 2022
Schedule and Abstracts

Participants, Presentations, and Reports

  • Probability and algebra Mentor: Prof. Jeffrey Kuan
    • Olivia Burke (Hillsdale College): Type D ASEPs: Generators and Duality
    • Danyil Blyschak (CUNY Baruch College): Investigating Markov Duality Using Techniques from Probability and Algebra
    • Sasha Ustilovsky (Emory) and Dennis Li (Carnegie Mellon): Proving Markov Duality Algebraically
  • Number theory Mentor: Prof. Matt Young
    • Jessica Wang (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Preston Tranbarger (Texas A&M): Fast Computation of Generalized Dedekind Sums (slides, report)
    • Mitch Majure (U Iowa): Hecke operators on newform Dedekind sums and applications (slides, report)
    • Ariadne McClure (Washington U St. Louis) and Kimberly Herrera (UC Berkeley): Three Term Relations for Newform Dedekind Sums (slides, report)
  • Algorithmic algebraic geometry Mentor: Prof. Maurice Rojas
    • Garrett Credi (U Illinois Urbana Champaign): Efficient Point Counting on Curves: Methods and Applications (slides, report)
    • Casmali Lopez (Colorado College) and Paisios Woodcock (Texas A&M): Binomials and Pseudo-Random Generators (slides, report)
    • Ellen Chlachidze (U Michigan Ann Arbor): Approximating Discriminant Contours of Univariate Tetranomials (slides, report)
    • Zachary Nunez (U Alabama Huntsville): Average Case Asymptotics of Polynomial Systems Supported on Tetrahedral Circuits (slides, report)

Group photo (July 2022)
Whole group in 2022