Freshman Calculus in the Foundation Coalition Integrated Engineering Program at Texas A&M University, 1995-96

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This is the syllabus used for the 1995-96 freshman calculus courses in the Foundation Coalition integrated curriculum. For a more detailed description of the syllabus, click here for the fall 1995 semester and here for the spring 1996 semester.

The syllabus above refers to the lecture classes, which typically meet for 50 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In addition, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are Calculus Workshops and Maple (Computer) Laboratory classes, in which students work in teams on an assignment which typically involves using the computer algebra system Maple. These activities are intended primarily to teach Maple and to reinforce the calculus concepts covered in lecture and in the homework. In addition, we have found that the Tuesday/Thursday classes provide excellent opportunities for relating mathematics to the other courses in the integrated curriculum. Below we list several of these assignments which were in some way connected to material being covered in the other courses.

Maple Lab, Weeks 2 and 3 - Writing Your Name Using Parametrized Curves
Calculus Workshop, Week 4, Constructing the Letter ``B'' Using Parametrized Curves
Maple Lab, Week 4 - Visualizing Motion in the Plane, Using Maple
Maple Lab, Week 5 - The Flight of a Baseball
Maple Lab, Week 6 - Mapping Your Name Onto a Surface
Maple Lab, Week 7 - Analyzing the Trajectory of a Golf Ball - Integrated Exam Problem
Calculus Workshop, Week 8 - Maple's Sum and sum Commands
Maple Lab and Calculus Workshop, Weeks 11&12 - Teaching With Maple
Maple Lab, Week 14 - Bunjee Jumping and the Trapezoidal Rule - An Integrated Exam Problem
Calculus Workshop, Week 18- Using Maple for an Integrated Exam Problem
Maple Lab, Week 19 - Orthonormal Vectors and the Radial and Circumferential Components of Velocity and Acceleration.
Maple Lab, Week 20 - Computer Programming Using the Maple Programming Language
Maple Lab, Week 21 - Gravitational Force and Geosynchronous Orbits
Maple Lab, Week 22 - Using Maple for an Integrated Exam Problem
Maple Lab, Week 24 - Rate of Chemical Reactions
Maple Lab, Week 25 - Circuits and Systems
Maple Lab, Week 26 - Two-Dimensional Motion of a Projectile with Drag