Quizmaker 1.4 (with answer Feedback)

September 20, 2002 10:29 PM

Directions: Enter your question, four multiple choice answers and feedback comments for each answer, and the correct answer (upper case) in the boxes provided. Select the "Create Question" button. Enter next question and repeat. When all questions have been entered, select the "Create Exam" button. Then save the file as follows: (1) Select the "File"+"Save As". (2) Select type as "Web Page, HTML only." Alternatively, view the source ("View"+"Source")and save it to your designated folder. (3) Choose or create the folder for the file. (4) Be certain to place in this folder all graphics you have used.
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Show answer after each question answered? Yes No (If no, students can change answers until Grade or Submit.)
Report results? CGI   Email  Show results to students only.
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Now creating question number (The maximum is 125 questions.)
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