Making motion using Tweening


In this tutorial we will construct an elliptical motion using Action Script instead of the tweening functionality. This requires only a few short steps.

  1. Open a new movie. You can easily alter the frame rate, background color, and other features by selecting Modify + Movie. You will obtain the menu

  2. Make a movie clip. This movie clip will become your object to move. This is accomplished first by using the circle tool to draw a circle (or ellipse) on the stage. Next choose the Arrow tool and select the circle. Select Insert + Convert and convert the circle to a movie clip. Two of the menus you will see are shown below.

  3. Now place the cursor somewhere on the timeline and create a Keyframe (F6). Your timeline will look something like this.

    You will note that the instance name is different from the movie clip name. This is not only ok but really important in many applications.

  4. Next place the cursor in Frame 1.

  5. Now create the Tween motion by selecting Insert + Create Tween Motion.

    Your timeline will look like this:

    If your timeline looks like the image below with the dotted line and not the arrow, you've made a mistake. It is best to start over with a new Layer. (Insert + Layer)

  6. Now place the cursor either at the Frame 1 or the last frame and drag the object to some other location. You're done! Test your movie. Your tweening should look similar to the one below.

  7. In our Tween shown above we've used the Modify+Movie (Document in Flash MX) to change the size of the movie and to change the background color. The Movie Properties panel looks like this.

  8. Add- ons. On new layers you can add other objects and other tweenings. It's easy. Be sure to make new layers.

Of course you can just start the whole thing by downloading the file tween1.fla from the URL: