Modern Algebra I Honors

Math 415-200

Fall 2005

Instructor: Peter F. Stiller
Office: Blocker Bldg. 634B
Office Phone: 862-2905
Office Hours: Fall Schedule

Course Information

Time: TTh 2:20 to 3:35
Place: BLOC 624

Text: A First Course in Abstract Algebra 7th Edition by John B. Fraleigh
Supplementary Material: See the bibliography below

Prerequisites: Some experience with proofs - for example Math 304.

Grades: We will have three major exams. Two will each count for 15% of the grade and the final will count for 20%. The exams will include an in class, as well as a take home, portion. We will have six problem sets that will count 30% (5% each). The remaining 20% will be based on an independent project. The usual scale will apply 100-90 A, 89-80 B, 79-70 C, 69-60 D, 59 and below F.

Overview: This course will give students an introduction to abstract algebra and will include the study of a number of fundamental algebraic objects such as groups, rings and fields.


Detailed Description: We will cover a portion of the book in Math 415 and most of the remainder in Math 416. Since this is an honors section, we will use a number of supplementary books and papers.



Week #1 August 29 - Septmember 2

Read: Section 0, pages 1-10 and Sections 1 and 2 pages 11-28. Try the following exercises:

Assignment #1 Due Tuesday September 6th in class.

Do the following exercises: Exercise 10 page 36, Exercises 35-38 page 19, and Exercises 5,23 pages 26-27.

Week #2 September 5 - September 9

Read: Sections 3 and 4 pages 28-49. Try the following exercises:

Assignment #2 Due Tuesday September 13 in class.

Do the following exercises: Exercises 26,27,28,33,34 pages 34-36 and Exercises 19,20,21,29,32,34,41 pages 45-49

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