Modern Geometry

Math 467-500

Spring 1999

Instructor: Peter F. Stiller
Office: Milner Hall 215 or Blocker Bldg. 634B
Office Phone: 5-5727 or 2-2905
Office Hours: Spring Schedule

Course Information

Time: MWF 10:20 to 11:10
Place: Blocker Bldg. 163
Text: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries: Development and History by Marvin J. Greenberg
Supplementary Material: See the bibliography below
Prerequisites: The equivalent of Math xxx
Grades: We will have two major exams, a mid-term and a final. Both will count for 25% of the grade. The mid-term will include and in class, as well as a take home, portion. We will have four in class quizzes tht will count for 20% (5% each) and 6 problem sets that will count 30% (5% each).
Overview: This course will introduce the students to Euclidean Geometry and to some of the subsequent developments in Non-Euclidean Geometry, particularly hyperbolic geometry.


Detailed Description: We will cover a substantial portion of the book.



Week #1 January 19 - 22

Read: Introduction and Chapter 1, pages 6-14. Try the following exercises:

Note: Exercises marked with an asterisk are especially recommended.

Week #2 January 25-29

Read: Chapter 1, pages 16-24 and Chapter 2, pages 38-41. Try the following exercises:

Assignment #1 Due Friday January 29th in class.

Do the following exercises: Exercise 6 page 30 and Major Exercise 1 page 31-32.

Week #3 February 1-5

Read: Chapter 2, pages 42-51. Try the following exercises:

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