Born in Glasgow, Scotland. Married to Linda Rundell.   We have three daughters.
Due to age, time and geographical (dis)location very much miss certain things:--
mountains and soccer. I try to return to the former when the opportunity arises
but (finally) retired from playing the latter.

Allan Glen's High School of Science, Glasgow, 1961-1967.
B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Glasgow University, 1971.
Ph.D, Glasgow University, 1974.

Research Interests         
Inverse problems in partial differential equations:
parameter identification in elliptic and parabolic equations,
inverse scattering,   inverse spectral problems.
Ill-conditioned problems in integral and differential operators:
fractional operators, subdiffusion.
Numerical algorithms, iterative methods for nonlinear equations.
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Spring 2021:   Mathematical Cryptography M673,    Cryptography M471
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