Boris Hanin

I’m an assistant professor of mathematics at Texas A&M.
I do research in probability, spectral asymptotics, and deep learning. I am currently on leave as a Visiting Scientist at Facebook AI Research NYC.

Office: BLOC 620B
Email: bhanin 'at'
CV (June 2019)


Papers and preprints

  1. Deep ReLU Networks Have Surprisingly Few Activation Patterns, with D. Rolnick (2019) [arXiv]
  2. Nonlinear Approximation and (Deep) ReLU Networks, with I. Daubechies, R. DeVore, S. Foucart, and G. Petrova (2019) [arXiv]
  3. Interface Asymptotics of Wigner-Weyl Distributions for the Harmonic Oscillator, with S. Zelditch (2019) [arXiv]
  4. Complexity of Linear Regions in Deep Networks, with D. Rolnick, Accepted to ICML 2019 [arXiv]
  5. Interface Asymptotics of Eigenspace Wigner distributions for the Harmonic Oscillator, with S. Zelditch (2019) [arXiv]
  6. Products of Many Large Random Matrices and Gradients in Deep Neural Networks, with M. Nica (2018) [arXiv]
  7. How to Start Training: The Effect of Initialization and Architecture, Accepted to NIPS 2018 [arXiv]
  8. Which Neural Net Architectures Give Rise to Vanishing and Exploding Gradients?, Accepted to NIPS 2018 [arXiv]
  9. Approximating Continuous Functions by ReLU Nets of Minimal Width, with M. Sellke (2017) [arXiv]
  10. Universal Function Approximation by Deep Neural Nets with Bounded Width and ReLU Activations (2017) [arXiv]
  11. The Lemniscate Tree of a Random Polynomial, with M. Epstein and E. Lundberg (2018) [arXiv]
  12. Level Spacings and Nodal Sets at Infinity for Radial Perturbations of the Harmonic Oscillator, with T. Beck. International Math Research Notices (in press, 2018) [arXiv]
  13. Local Universality for Zeros and Critical Points of Monochromatic Random Waves, with Y. Canzani (2017) [arXiv]
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