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It is a pity that Chawcer, who had geneyus, was so unedicated. He's the wuss speller I know of.
--Charles Farrar Browne, Artemus Ward in London

The above quotation is facetious, but nonetheless, people may not take you seriously if your writing contains egregious spelling errors.

There are many spelling resources available on the World-Wide Web. For example, the Merriam-Webster company has an online dictionary, and the 1913 edition of Webster's dictionary is available online from the ARTFL Project. The OneLook Dictionaries Page features a combined interface to hundreds of dictionaries on the Internet. The site yourdictionary.com has links to all sorts of specialized dictionaries, including dictionaries of many languages (Klingon, among others). There is a free on-line dictionary of computing. You can check the spelling of HTML documents with Doctor HTML.

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