Math in the Movies

Many movies feature a scene or two with actual math content for various effects. Sometimes its done to demonstrate how smart the star is, ometimes to clarify a point, and sometimes just for humor. Whatever the occasion, the presence of math in movies is very good for mathematicians and for people interested in mathematics. It reveal in intrinsic mystic about mathematics.

Here are some links.

  1. Movie math page. A discussion of the actual math in selected movies and related problems. Maintained by G. Donald Allen.
  2. Movies with math.Created and maintained by Arnold G. Reinhold, this page has lots of information about which movies have what math.
  3. Letters about movies with math. This page has a relataively complete list of movies with math, together with comments by viewers like you.
  4. Computers in the movies. Many Hollywood films depict the wizardry of some character with computer hardware. Particularly popular are "hacker" themes with either the good guy or bad guy hacking into a system for some purpose essential to the plot. For some films, hacking is the only purpose. In some films, it is the invasion of the nerds toward respectability.
  5. Androids and robots in the movies. this site is maintained by Android World. In their words, the site "is devoted to androids. An android is an anthropomorphic robot - i.e. a robot that looks like a human. Many android developers call their creations "humanoids" rather than androids. We also have robotics links, robot links, animatronics links, and research links."



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