Ancient Greek Mathematics

The readings here are divided into three parts corresponding to the three periods we have identified, the early, the classical and the helenistic periods. There are many pages to read and the problems will be balanced among them.

  1. The Origins of Mathematics; the schools (350KB)
  2. Thales, by Dmitri Panchenko
  3. Thales, his Philosophy and Mathmatics (220KB)
  4. Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans (518KB)
  5. Anaxagorus and the Heroic Age (119KB)
  6. Greek Enumeration and Arithmetic (100KB)
  7. Eudoxus (130KB)
  8. Euclid (430KB)
  9. Archimedes (300KB)
  10. Apollonius and other geometers (215KB)
  11. Ancient Algebra (35KB)
  12. Diophantus (175KB)
  13. Pappus (175KB)

  14. How do we know about Greek mathematics?
  15. How do we know about Greek mathematicians?
  16. The timeline of Greek mathematicians
  17. Translations of Euclid's Elements.
  18. Trisectrix animation
  19. Epicycle animation.

Some files are long and make take a few minutes to download. To read and print them you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Each reading, in Acrobat (pdf) format, is a short paper on the aspect in question. Upon completing a reading, try to answer the questions that pertain to it.