The following are some of the Calculus Workshops and Maple Labs written for a first year integrated engineering curriculum for the 1994-95 academic year. Send e-mail to for more infromation.

Maple Lab, Week 4, Exploring Derivatives with Maple
Maple Lab, Week 5, Curves Defined by Parametric Equations
Maple Lab, Week 7, Maple's Sum Command - The Area and Perimeter of Texas
Maple Lab, Week 8, The Length of a Curve
Maple Lab, Week 9, Mastering Maple
Maple Lab, Week 10, Using Maple to Evaluate Definite Integrals
Maple Lab, Weeks 11 and 12, Teaching with Maple
Maple Lab, Week 14, Using Student-Produced Maple Labs
Maple Lab, Week 17, Radial and Tangential Components of Velocity and Acceleration
Maple Lab, Week 18, Inverse Functions, Their Graphs, and Their Derivatives
Maple Lab, Weeks 19 and 20, Programming in Maple and Fortran
Maple Lab, Week 22, A Nonlinear Heat Conduction Problem
Maple Lab, Week 23, Frequency Response of Mechanical Vibrations
Maple Lab, Week 25, Using the Trapezoidal Rule to Calculate the Work of Compressing a Gas
Maple Lab, Week 28, Visualizing Sequences and Series
The above Lab includes a graph.
Maple Lab, Week 29, Beyond Euler's Method: Taylor Series Methods for Differential Equations

Calculus Workshop, Week 4, Plotting Data with Maple
Calculus Workshop, Week 5, Plotting Hurricane Elena
Calculus Workshop, Week 7, The Flight of a Baseball
Calculus Workshop, Week 8, Solving Optimization Problems Graphically
Calculus Workshop, Week 17, Applied Maximum and Minimum Problems
Calculus Workshop, Week 19, Geosynchronous Orbits
Calculus Workshop, Week 20, Calculating Volumes by Slicing: A Drill Using Maple
Calculus Workshop, Week 21, Calculating Volumes by Cylindrical Shells: A Drill Using Maple
Calculus Workshop, Week 22, Euler's Method and the Improved Euler's Method
Calculus Workshop, Week 23, Modeling the AIDS Epidemic
Calculus Workshop, Week 25, Rate of Chemical Reactions
Calculus Workshop, Week 26, Using Maple's On-Line Help
Calculus Workshop, Week 29, Using Taylor Series to Calculate Pi