Previous Semester: Spring 2013 Classes:

  • Math 323 (Linear Algebra): TTh 3:55-5:10P, Blocker Hall Room 156. [This is an undergraduate linear algebra course designed primarily for mathematics majors.]
  • Math 482 (Research Seminar in Mathematics): TTh 2:20-3:35P, Blocker Hall Room 624. [This is a "first taste of research experience" class for mathematics majors. It is a stacked course structured for honors students as well as non-honors students. Both classes 482 and 482H meet at the same time in the same classroom. It is a university designated communications "C" course so may count as the required second writing intensive course for math majors. The communications focus is on student classroom presentations. Student may give talks on their accomplished research or on independent study projects, or both.]
  • Math482 first day handout
  • Math482 Reports Spring 2013