Important Information for Exam II

Administrative Details
  • The exam is Thursday, 24 Oct from 7:30-9:30pm in PSYC 338. Seating assignments will be posted by 7:15pm outside the doors.
    (NOTE: new requests for left-handed seats must be made no later than 11:55pm Sunday-previous requests will continue throughout the semester. NO changes will be allowed the night of the exam.)
  • The exam will consist of two parts. Part I will have 15 questions with multiple-choice answers. You are to mark the correct choice on your 815-E (Quizzstrip) scantron (bring a blank one to the exam on Thursday) . You should also circle the correct choice on your exam for your own records. Part II will consist of 5 workout problems (some with multiple parts). All answers must be justified with appropriate algebraic work. Partial credit will be given for appropriate work shown on these problems.
  • Calculators are NOT allowed at any time on the exam.
  • Bring: Writing Utensils, Picture ID. All other materials should be left at the sides or front of the room during the exam. Electronic devices must be OFF or SILENT and out of sight during the exam.
    Students without a picture ID may have to bring a picture ID to my office and sign a document allowing them to pick up their exam and have the grade recorded!

    Summary of Topics 8.3-10.3 (asterisks indicate key formulas, theorems, or definitions to know)

  • Any material from Exam I (within the context of material below)

  • Integration by Trig Substitution (a2 - x2)*
  • Integration by Trig Substitution (x2 + a2)*
  • Integration by Trig Substitution (x2 - a2)*
  • Reference Triangles (return to original variable)

  • Partial Fractions: Simple Linear Factors*
  • Partial Fractions: Repeated Linear Factors*
  • Partial Fractions: Simple Quadratic Factors*

  • Improper Integrals-Type I (x unbounded)
  • Improper Integrals-Type II (y unbounded)
  • P-Test for Improper Integrals
  • Comparison Tests for Improper Integrals

  • Arclength of Functions* (f(x) and g(y))
  • Arclength of Parametrized Curves*

  • Surface Area of Revolution* (r=x/y OR r=f(x)/g(y))
  • Surface Area of Revolution* (parametrized curves)

  • Limits of Sequences
  • Increasing/Decreasing Sequences
  • Bounded Sequences
  • Limit of a Recursive Sequence

  • Partial Sums of a Series
  • Summation of a Geometric Series*
  • Summation of a Telescoping Series
  • Test for Divergence*

  • Integral Test*
  • Integral Test Estimator*
  • P-Test for Series*
  • Comparison test*
  • Limit Comparison Test*

  • Suggestions for Studying
  • Office Hours week of exam: MW 11am-12noon; MTWR 4-5pm; F 2:30-3:30pm OBA
  • Read your textbook, including all Examples
  • Read your notes from lecture, including all Examples
  • Suggested Homework Problems from the textbook
  • Online Homework Problems
  • Past Common Exams
  • Live Week in Review from this semester
  • Video Week in Review from Spring 2007
  • Maplets as discussed in your Lab Schedule

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