Flash demos for understanding statistics

Demonstations to help students foster an understanding of the variance for data sets. Click the desired button. These demos require the Flash 6 player, a free download.

  1. Create a histogram and show the variance.
  2. Show the mean, variance, and correlation of self-selected data points.
  3. Understanding variance by creating data sets .
  4. For grade data show a histogram and show the variance. With this example we can paste data from the clipboard.
  5. Compiling a piechart. Finding angles and percentages of the whole.
1. Create a histogram Histogram-PC Histogram-MAC
2. Show the mean... Correlation-PC Correlation-MAC
3. Understanding variance... Understanding-PC Understanding-MAC
4. For grade data show... Grades-PC Grades-MAC

Last updated on September 8, 2002 10:45