"The world is changed; it is more visual and digital. Today's student responds actively to this world. The methods of algebra instruction must be reshaped to reflect this new reality."

Visual Algebra - an exploratory of algebra through the eye



The premise

This page is the beginning of a visual journey into the ideas of basic algebra. We will try to show how the arcane and unfriendly landscape of traditional algebra can be given a fresh outlook using the new visual tools which are a part of modern digital computers. We hasten to add that the visual realm of algebra as expressed with graphing calculators has been well explored. Our intent is not to reprise this interesting work but to cast off in another direction, revealing what can be done with other technology.

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A general outline to our visual world of algebra includes a number of important topics.

Obviously, some of these topics do not appear as nor constitute algebra content, but all serve as tools toward understanding algebra content. A modern teacher must have the best possible tools and training to accomplish his/her job. While we do not assume that this is the only course of its type available, we do claim it may be one of the very few that is offered at the instructor level. Indeed, this exploratory can be better viewed as a set of training tools for instructors. After all, the responsibility to deliver the content is theirs.


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Course syllabus
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Visual algebra resources

Without exception the resources below are for the student. Some are texts.
Visual Algebra I - a short course in algebra using some pictures
Visual Algebra 1 - a text for grades 6-12
Innoexe Visual Algebra (Free CD) - a commercial product with software
Visual Linear Algebra for Maple and Mathematica - a unique environment for teaching and learning linear algebra
Algebra: A visual approach by David Longstreet
Visual Algebra II - explores simultaneous equations, arithmetic series, geometric series, permutations, and combinations in detail.


















- the unknown to the power of the eye